Mamallapuram – The Workshop of Pallavas


Mamallapuram – The Workshop of the Pallavas

‘The Seven Pagodas’ by Elisha Trapaud, 1805 | British Library


  1. Introduction
  2. Monuments
    1. Cave Temples
      1. Adi-Varaha Perumal Temple
      2. Kotikal Mandapa
      3. Dharmaraja Mandapa
      4. Koneri Mandapa
      5. Mahishasuramardini Mandapa
      6. Varaha Mandapa
      7. Pancha-Pandava Mandapa
      8. Ramanuja Mandapa
      9. Trimurti Cave
      10. Atiranachanda Mandapa
      11. Yali Mandapa
    2. Rathas
      1. Pancha Rathas
        1. Draupadi Ratha
        2. Arjuna Ratha
        3. Bhima Ratha
        4. Dharmaraja Ratha
          1. Ground Floor
          2. First Floor
          3. Second Floor
        5. Sahadeva Ratha
      2. Ganesha Ratha
      3. Other Rathas
    3. Open Air Bas-Reliefs
      1. The Great Penance
        1. The Sri Lankan Connection
        2. An Alternative Interpretation
      2. The Incomplete Penance Relief
      3. Krishna Mandapa
    4. Structural Temples
      1. Shore Temple
        1. Vishnu Temple
        2. Varaha Well
      2. Mukund-Nayanar Temple
      3. Olakanneshvar Temple
    5. Other Structures
      1. Draupadi’s Bath
      2. Dharmaraja’s Rock-cut Throne
      3. Krishna’s Butterball
  3. Riddles of Mamallapuram
    1. The Mystery of the Seven Pagodas
    2. What’s in the Name
    3. Authorship of the Monuments
    4. Incompleteness of the Monuments
    5. Architecture, a gradual movement or spatial
  4. Bibliography
    1. Books
    2. Journals
  5. Appendix
    1. Annotated Bibliography of Two Millenniums
      1. Earliest Times to 1800 CE
      2. 1801 CE to 1900 CE
      3. 1901 to Till Date
    2. Sthalapuranas
    3. Arjuna’s Penance as in Mahabharata
    4. Ganga’s Descent as in Mahabharata


  1. Excellent article. However, can you please check Narasimhavarman I and II?. Few places you are mentioning Narasimhavarma II Mamalla, whereas it should be Narasimavarma I mamalla – under para on Longhurst and points to ponder -2.

  2. Now that corrections are done, please delete my earlier comment except first sentence. They are jarring note on otherwise beautiful article

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  4. Some contents in this “Worship of Pallavas’ could not be opened. Like.. Krishna’s Butterball, Dharmaraja Seat, Gopi’s Churn, Mukund-Nayanar Temple, Olankanneshvar Temple, Incompleteness of the Monuments, Architecture, a gradual movement or spatial. It will be helpful if it is in openable, want to know the history of this….please help

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