“So much to do, so little is done” – Alfred Lord Tennyson

We warmly welcome you to the world of Puratattva. Puratattva is a Sanskrit word which translates, “Truth of the Old“, and we very religiously maintain the very same meaning on our website.

Back in 2006, while visiting different heritage sites across India, we realized that it was not easy to obtain relevant information about these sites, over the web. Most of the relevant and authentic information was confined to various reference books and journals, far from the reach of a common person. With more and more people visiting these sites every year, this lacunae of missing information required to be filled. And, thus was born Puratattva.

We, at Puratattva, take utmost care while documenting a site, utilizing the available references from reputed scholarly works and journals. We document a site only after paying a visit to it and capturing the relevant pictures for our articles. However, we also often take help from our partners and friends, for better pictures. This way, we provide the best to our readers.

More than 10 years have passed and Puratattva is still on its journey. This journey would be a long one considering the huge volume of heritage sites to be covered. It is a painstaking task and we rely a lot on our friends and well-wishers to keep our motivation high. We believe in God and your support, that we will achieve this milestone one day.

It is always a pleasure to meet an avid lover of Indian art. Do share your thoughts with us at  [email protected].