Map – Monuments of Chhattisgarh



Monuments preserved under the Central and State Government bodies


No. Site Name City/Town/Village District Preserved Under
01 Ancient sculpture in Danteswari Temple Barsoor Dantewada ASI
02 Chandraditya Temple Barsoor Dantewada ASI
03 Ganesh Statue Barsoor Dantewada ASI
04 Mama Bhanja ka Temple Barsoor Dantewada ASI
05 Mahadeo Temple Bastar Bastar ASI
06 Ardhanarisvara Image (Bhiram Deo Temple) Bhairamdeogarhi Dantewada ASI
07 Danteswari Temple Dantewada Dantewada ASI
08 Kamma Memorial or Urasagatta Post Dhilmil Bastar ASI
09 Megalithic site containing uraskals Gamawada Dantewada ASI
10 Narayan Temple Narayanpal Bastar ASI
11 Karli Mahadev Temple Samlur Dantewada ASI
12 Large Vaishnava Temple Janjgir Janjgir-Champa ASI
13 Small Vishnu Temple Janjgir Janjgir-Champa ASI
14 Brick Temple of Savari Kharod Janjgir-Champa ASI
15 Small Brick Temple (Andaldeo temple) Kharod Janjgir-Champa ASI
16 Malhar Fort Malhar Bilaspur ASI
17 Pateleswar Mahadev temple Malhar Bilaspur ASI
18 Mahadev Temple Pali Korba ASI
19 Kanti Deul Ratanpur Bilaspur ASI
20 The (fine) doorway built into the ruined wall beside the north gateway to the fort and the carved stones and images lying about within the boundaries of the village Ratanpur Bilaspur ASI
21 Pali inscription on a slab of Jasper Samarsal Bilaspur ASI
22 Temple of Kesava Narayan Shivrinarayan Janjgir-Champa ASI
23 Sheorinarayana Temple Shivrinarayan Janjgir-Champa ASI
24 Shiva Temple Adbhar Janjgir-Champa ASI
25 The remains of a very ancient temple and mounds of sculptured and unsculptured stones Tuman Korba ASI
26 Old ruined sandstone Siva Temple Deobaloda Durg ASI
27 Sita Devi Temple and Sati Pillars Deorbija Durg ASI
28 Bhand Deul Arang Raipur ASI
29 Group of temples known as Rajiv Lochan Rajim Gariaband ASI
30 Site known as Sita Baree Rajim Gariaband ASI
31 Temple of Ramachandra Rajim Gariaband ASI
32 Laxman temple and old sites Sirpur Mahasamund ASI
33 The area around Sirpur village and the mound to the east of the village Sirpur Mahasamund ASI
34 Old Siva temple Gandai Rajanandgaon Preserved Under
35 Sita Benga Caves Ramgarh Hills Surguja ASI
36 Jogimara Caves Ramgarh Hills Surguja ASI
37 Devrani-Jethani Temple Tala Bilaspur State Archaeology Department
38 Bhoramdev Temple Bhoramdev Kabirdham (Kawardha) State Archaeology Department
39 Cherki Mahal Bhoramdev Kabirdham (Kawardha) State Archaeology Department
40 Mandava Mahal Bhoramdev Kabirdham (Kawardha) State Archaeology Department
41 Swastik Vihar Sirpur Mahasamund State Archaeology Department
42 Shiva Temple Ghatiyari Rajanandgaon State Archaeology Department
43 Shiva Temple Deokirari Bilaspur State Archaeology Department
44 Reconstructed Temples at Madku Dweep Madku Dweep Mungeli State Archaeology Department
45 Satmahala Complex Bhadwahi Surguja State Archaeology Department