Nibiya Khera – Brick Temple Complex


Introduction – Nibiya Khera is a village in Kanpur Dehat district of Uttar Pradesh. Not much is known about the antiquity of the village as no inscription was found from the place which could have helped in understanding the history of the place. At present, it is just another village like many other small villages of India where life appears standing still for a while.

Inscriptions – No inscription has been reported from this place till date.

Monuments – There is only one monuments of interest, the brick temple complex.

Temple Complex


Brick Temple Complex (9th-10th century CE) – This brick temple complex is built in panchayatana style with a central shrine and four subsidiary shrines. However not all the subsidiary shrines are at the corners. Three subsidiary shrine are built at the corner but one is built in line with the northern wall of the central shrine. Central shrine is a fine example of Latina shikhara of Nagar temple style. A small antarala preceded the garbha-griha.

Central Shrine


Sanctum has a barrel like roof while the shikhara above the sanctum rises above the base in curvilinear fashion. Bhadra-niches are provided all external walls however all are empty at present. The front portion of the antarala seems to have been renovated in recent times. Ganga and Yamuna are present at the bottom of antarala doorjambs. An image of Lakshmi (?) is present at lalata-bimba, center of lintel. Nava-griha (nine planets) are present on the architrave above the door lintel.





A Shivalinga is placed inside the sanctum. There is a panel on the inner west wall of the sanctum however the images are much worn out due to excessive usage of vermilion and other ointment like material. It appears that one image could be of Kartikeya and another might be of Veerbhadra.

Door Lintel


The four subsidiary shrines are almost same in style and construction. All are without roof. The entrance is triangular in shape. All these shrines are empty at present.


Food and Accommodation – Nibiya Khera is a very small village so you should better stay at Kanpur or Ghatampur, I would recommend the former.

How to Reach – Nibiya Khera is about 10 km from Ghatampur on the Ghatampur-Jahanabad road. The temple complex is about 0.5 km from the right turn on this road towards the village.


  1. Life is not very still as of today, few people are working in highly esteemed organizations and government Jobs as well. Some are even NRI’s who were formly part of this village.


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