Majholi – A Varaha Imprisoned


Introduction – Majholi is a small town near Jabalpur. Cunningham visited this town in 1873-74 and reported its antiquities. The town does not have many antiquarian remains except one exquisite Varaha image.

Monuments – There is only one temple of interest in this town.


Varaha inside the sanctum


Vishnu-Varaha Temple – This temple was visited and described by Cunningham in 1873-74. He reports that the temple was a modern construction but houses an eleventh century CE image of Varaha belonging to the Kalchuri period. The recent construction has utilized the material of the old shrine as many statues are inbuilt into the modern walls. The original temple would have been constructed during the eleventh century CE during the Kalchuri rule as evident from its architectural style.


Sanctum door


Sanctum door is in characteristic Kalchuri style. Ganga and Yamuna are present on door jambs while Vishnu with Nava-grahas adorn its lintel. Four-armed Vishnu is depicted seated in yogasana-mudra in middle of the lintel. The door-jambs have three bands, the middle one has three panels each. Apsaras in various postures are adorning these jamb panels.


Naga below Varaha


A huge Varaha image is installed inside a square sanctum. It is encased inside an iron cage which prohibits taking a good photograph of it. It is modeled on very similar Gupta and Chandella images seen at Eran and Khajuraho. A serpent is shown in between Varaha’s front legs. The serpent is shown holding a vessel while his wife is shown behind him. She is also holding a vessel in her hands. In between the snout of Varaha and hood of the serpent, there is an image of Vishnu in yogasana-mudra. Various gods, gandharvas, apsaras, rishis are shown all over the body of this Varaha. The statue needs proper cleaning due to prolonged use ash, vermilion and other similar objects over the image.

There are few loose sculptures built into the external wall of the sanctum. Images of Ganesha, Vaishnavi, Shiva-Parvati etc are seen on these walls, all probably coming from the original temple.



How to Reach – Majholi can be reached from Sihora which is located on Jabalpur-Katni road. Majholi is on Sihora-Ranital road and is about 27 km from Sihora town.


  1. Cunningham, Alexander (1879). Report of a Tour in the Central Province in 1873-74-75-76 (Vol IX). Archaeological Survey of India. New Delhi.


  1. it is very beautiful temple in entire the world because no one like this and this is one in majholi city only in whole world …only single temple it is here only…..please and see the Vishnu warah and it is generated automatically in nareela pond it is situated in majholi …like very little stone and slowly slowly Vishnu warah take huge murti like elephant……so come n see the ancient temple ….at majholi city

  2. Visnu varah bhagwan ki jay jay……….
    Me aap sabhi bhakt gado ko ye kana chahta hu aap kabhi majholi ya iske kanhi bhi aas pass aaye to aap plz ek bar darsan karne jarur aaye.
    visnu bhagwan ki jay


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