This page display links of other important sites and blogs which are dedicated to Indian history, architecture, art and monuments.

  1. Poetry in Stone – Vijay is a Singapore based professional who has motivated a significant number of individuals to carry out their passion towards art and monuments. This website of his provides a serious and in detail study of various aspects of Indian art in material and metal.
  2. Sarasvatam – Sankara Narayanan is a Sanskrit scholar from Kanchipuram. His website is a very good resource into Sanskrit texts and their interpretations. Occasionally, Sankara’s articles also delve into the Indian architecture and art.
  3. Tamil Arts Academy – R Nagaswamy is a very well known name in the field of Indian archaeology and architecture. He had been associated with various government agencies in this field. Though he is now retired, but he is still engaged in this field with same fervor and zeal. This website of his churn out scholarly articles on various topics of art and architecture.
  4. Varalaaru – A website maintained by a group of individuals publishing articles on various issues including art and monuments. Though many of their articles are in Tamil and covering mainly Tamilandu region, however the articles are a good resources for scholars.
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