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Minor Pillar Edicts

All the pillar edicts of Ashoka which do not fall under the seven major edicts fall into the category of minor pillar edicts. In principle, except for the first minor pillar edict, none of the other is repeated at any other place. Therefore, these edicts can be categorized in two categories, Minor Pillar Edicts and Commemorative Edicts.

Minor Pillar Edict I – This pillar edict is found at three places, Allahabad, Sarnath and Sanchi. The Allahabad pillar is standing inside the Allahabad fort. Sarnath pillar is a well known monument at Sarnath. Sanchi pillar is lying under a shed near the main stupa.

Minor Pillar Edict II/Queen’s Edict – This edicts is only found at Allahabad pillar. This is also known as Queen’s Edict as Ashoka talks about donations made by his queen in this edict.

Commemorative Edict I/Rummindei Edict – This edict is engraved on a commemorative pillar at Lumbini village in Nepal. This village was known as Rupan Dehi in former times. At present this village is marked as a World Heritage Site.

Commemorative Edict II/Nigliva Edict – This edict is also in Nepal, in village Niglihawa lying about 8 km northeast of Taulihawa. This is also a known Buddhist pilgrimage site. The pillar is broken into two pieces, the lower part bearing inscription submerged in the ground and the upper part lying on the surface.

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